Vote out the professional politicos

Reader Input
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In answer to “McClintock talks election, waste, payroll tax,” (Another View, Jan. 11): Mr. (Tom) McClintock, you stated Social Security was an entitlement. Due to your lack of knowledge, I think you should do some research. Social Security is a retirement supplement paid for by every worker in the private sector and some government jobs. I paid into Social Security for 40 years (I had no choice). Now you, and the other lying politicians are trying to tell the American people that it is an entitlement? If the government would pay back the money it took from Social Security for the past 70 years, it would be financially sound. I voted for you last time. I may not vote for you in the future. You and the rest of our great lawmakers are trying to destroy our country. We are losing our middle class because all of our jobs are being shipped overseas. There are very few things made in the U.S.A. Our so-called American-made automobiles are not made in this country, they are assembled here. Open up any sale paper and look at the products on sale and see how many products are made in this country. The U.S.A. has become a service-oriented country. We service what is shipped in from other countries. The Free Trade Agreement has destroyed our middle class. The jobs are not here anymore. Our government is trying to destroy our economy so they can have a one-world economy and a one-world government. We don’t care about China’s economy. We, the people of this great country, sent you people to Washington to support and protect our way of life according to the Constitution. All of you politicians are nothing but a bunch of liars. That includes the state and local governments. You people do not care one little bit about the people. You only care about how much money you get for yourself and how much money you can spend. Does this give you an ego trip? If you people would tell the truth, you would never be elected. You need to look around. The American people are tired of the politicians’ crap. We, the people, need to clean house and get rid of all the professional politicians. Just because we elect you to represent us, that does not mean you are entitled. Listen up, people. Our country is the greatest country on Earth. There is no other country in the world that has a Constitution like ours. We are the freest people on Earth. Do not let the cronies in Washington and our local government destroy it. What we have, no other nation in the world has. Oh, by the way, nobody is entitled to a free hand-out. If you want a job, get rid of the professional politicians and vote in someone who really cares about our country. Joe Karr, Loomis