Vote out the spenders

Reader Input
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I am often amazed to read some of the letters in the paper. It was good to see that several students seem to understand how our government works as so many others don’t. Our government is us. However, lately our representatives don’t seem to realize this and feel they know what is best for us. I find that condescending. Our country is broke and deeply in debt just like California and it is due to the spenders in D.C. from both parties. We need a strong government for protection and that is all. They do not know how to run anything better than the people do. Capitalism is what made us great and losing that will make us weak. The stimulus bill was a waste of taxpayer money and was used to pay back political favors, not to create jobs. Now we have the health care bill which is more bureaucracy at a high cost. They also want a cap and trade bill which will be costly in jobs and income while not accomplishing anything. However, both of these bills give government more control of the people. Each step leads us toward our government controlling us rather than we controlling the government. It is time to go back to the basics our forefathers believed in. We need term limits and in the meantime we need to vote all the spenders out. Ann Laman, Auburn