Vote third-party for real change

Reader Input
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Before you fill out your ballots and mail them in, look at the website of the League of Women Voters for their position on the state ballot measures. This is the group who used to organize and conduct the presidential debates before they were muscled out by the Democrats and Republicans who didn’t want third parties messing up their monopoly of the air waves. We keep hearing that we should “throw them all out of office.” So, if you feel that way, be open to looking at an impartial group for an independent opinion of the election issues. Check out the positions posted by Greens, Libertarians or Peace and Freedom party websites. The Tea Party’ers seem to be all about change. But why is it always about throwing out either the Democrats or Republicans? Why not both? Why not look for change in places other than the two major parties? Voting third party might just make the politicians sit up and pay attention to the people. Janet Dunlap, Rocklin