Vote in your neighbor

Reader Input
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In the 4th Congressional race, there are many reasons to choose Jack Uppal over Tom McClintock. Let?s focus on two. First, Uppal is an even-handed problem-solver while McClintock is a radical ideologue. Uppal developed a calm, reasoning approach over 28 years as a program manager in the semiconductor industry. Meanwhile, McClintock has eagerly pursued a career in government while doing everything he can to make government ineffective. For example, he recently voted to allow student loan rates to climb from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. This vote props up his anti-government bona fides, but would have put college students and their parents in a world of hurt had it been successful. Secondly, Uppal actually lives in the 4th Congressional District, unlike McClintock, who came to Placer County as a carpetbagger and owes his allegiance to Southern California. McClintock?s recent position on HR 1837 is proof. He voted to pump billions of gallons of water out of the San Joaquin Delta to Southern California. Let?s replace a shrill, combative career politician with Jack Uppal, our cool-headed, even-handed Placer County neighbor. Brian Hassett, Auburn