Voter fraud has long US history

Reader Input
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The headline of Cokie and Steven Roberts’ view on voter registration issues in the Jan. 23 Auburn Journal (“GOP attack on voting rights is un-American”) was laced with emotional rhetoric, as was their column. It is not an “attack” on voting rights to try and reduce voter fraud, nor is it “un-American.” The Robertses ignore the history of voter fraud in this country, claiming it is “zero.” Where did they get that statistic? Let’s look at the history of Chicago, Ill. Voter fraud has been documented in history books. It is such a long tradition there, and many instances of voter fraud have and will go undetected. If you cannot require I.D., how will you ever know how much voter fraud exists? Any eligible voter who has never gotten a driver’s license, never registered for a government program such as Medicare, Social Security, etc., never participated in a banking transaction, or purchased a drink, could still get proper identification to vote. I am sure that most campaign headquarters, whether Democrat or Republican, would volunteer to take such a rare individual to the local DMV for a non-driver I.D. I would love to see how the Robertses would feel if when they arrived at their polling place, someone had already fraudulently voted using their names! Ruth Heiser, Auburn