Wake up and learn the truth

Reader Input
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The letter from Paulette Walter in today’s Journal (Aug. 2) has prompted me to write this letter of rebuttle to her and a few of the other letter writers, Ron Lowe for example, etc. Your letter is so full of misinformation and it reflects just the opposite of what is really going on. If you don’t listen to talk radio, then I can understand why you can’t see the trouble we are in and the cause of it. Most of the newspapers and MSNBC, etc. are very leftist-slanted in their reporting and only print what meets their needs. The Democratic Party has been taken over in large by leftist-leaning liberals. They are the hate-mongers, not Rush (Limbaugh) and Fox. They are the ones that lie in order to win their agenda and destroy anyone that disagrees with them. They have put a gigantic debt upon us — a debt that will be passed on to our children and grandchildren for decades to come, plus all the taxes President Obama is planning to force on the people of this country. Get your head out of the sand and listen to what is really going on and how President Obama and his cohorts and czars are destroying the America we have known. God bless America. Margaret Carli, Granite Bay