Wal-Mart casts long, forlorn shadow

Reader Input
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Messrs. (Terry) Andreucci and (Mike) Stevenson (Reader Input, April 1) can defy Wal-Mart by shopping their conscience, but Wal-Mart doesn’t care about outliers; it plays to the 80 percent who shop their wallets. Given the location, the future is not hard to read; within a year Bel Air, Walgreens and CVS will be out of business turning Raley Square into a blight zone and quickly extinguishing the nice places that rely on the traffic there, La Bou etc. Within another year, just as Home Depot reaps the scalps of Diamond Pacific and Sierra Pipe, the Bell Road stores, Kmart, the pharmacy, maybe Safeway and Target will go. As Mr. (Jim) Conkey will by then be cavorting in the Bahamas with his millions he won’t have to look at the lines of people waiting to accept low-paying jobs with the Behemoth of Benton. John Sisson, Newcastle