Wal-Mart draws undesirable low-lifes

Reader Input
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You knocked them down and now you are going to kick them in the face. I’m talking about our hard-working local businesses, especially all of our great restaurants here in Auburn, both city and county. Wal-Mart? Puh-leeze! At least go with Sam’s Club instead if you are going to pick from the Wal-Mart family. If you were listening to the very people that put you in office except for a small handful, nobody wanted a Wal-Mart in Auburn. There are two in Roseville now and one is going in at Sierra College and I-80. That is three too many. Where is the closest Costco? People with a business, especially restaurants, travel groups, softball, little league, fundraiser groups, items for donations and families, travel from all over Placer County and Sacramento County to go to this one Costco because of their quality, excellent service and affordable prices. They cannot be beat. These are the very businesses that pay the tax revenues that keep the city and counties going. We already have two discount box stores: Target and Kmart. NBC just did a price comparison and both these stores beat Wal-Mart’s prices. We do not need another department store that serves no purpose to our local businesses other than putting them out of business. Most of our local businesses have to drive down to Roseville to Costco. They spend thousands purchasing supplies for their restaurants and businesses. They are all responsible, hard working families and business owners that contribute a lot to our communities. Wal-Mart attracts some very undesirable low-life, sorry examples of human life that are living off the hardworking taxpayers. Folks, “They build it, they will come!” It is time to invest in a burglar alarm and a good security system because you will need it. You will see the crime rate increase with this kind of clientele and they are always drawn towards this box store. I’m so sorry for our local businesses. This should not have happened. To those of you that created this monster? How do you sleep at night? Shame on you. Sally Stanley, Auburn