Wal-Mart fills needs of many

Reader Input
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This is in reply to Sally Stanley’s (April 4) letter, “Wal-Mart draws undesirable low-lifes.” I wish she would go down in front of a Wal-Mart and take a survey and talk to the people who shop there — the young families who shop there trying to afford to buy groceries and diapers for their families. The people that are on small pensions that do not go up, but the price of food and medicine does, so they get a choice: eat or try to stay healthy. Or the recently unemployed who are trying to make that macaroni and cheese dinner stretch. And then we have the frivolous who once in a while like to buy some small thing for themselves or someone else to make them feel happy. I am really glad my mother taught me to be a good Christian and not judge people by the store they shop at. And yes, Costco is great to shop at, that is if you want to buy large-size items. Some of us do not need three gallons of something at a time. Sharyn Digneo, South Auburn