Wal-Mart still not wanted

Reader Input
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I appreciate Dr. Dean Hoffman’s letter to the editor (Sunday April 3, re: Wal-Mart). He told it like it is. What part of “no” do they not understand? That was the ringing cry in 1994 through ’95. “They” understood it then, finally, but have a very short memory. I feel that we have a unique situation in Auburn, close to the mountains, lake and wild lands. The San Fernando Valley was like this — fruit trees and open lands until the “big guys” came in and leveled it and built their empires. Do we want that? I believe the majority are being heard in Auburn. Please understand what “no” means, Mr. (Jim) Conkey. Nice name, Mr. Conkey. Surely you can do better than Wal-Mart with your millions.  Ruth Smith, Auburn