Wal-Mart tax goes to county

Reader Input
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I would like to respond to Mike Stevenson’s letter of April 1 regarding the neutral or even positive effects of having a Wal-Mart store in Auburn. I do not wish to get into the ideological argument about the marketplace being the final arbiter of our destiny, but there are a couple of points that need clearing up. First, I would like to address the presumed advantage of “less driving and pollution from the reduced travel” to the existing Roseville store. The gridlock that will be created on the already-crowded Highway 49 corridor will likely offset the “less driving” with time-consuming waits, and the pollution resulting from cars that are idling will equal that of cars traveling to Roseville. Secondly, if by “local” he means the City of Auburn, which he says will gain by keeping the sales tax local, Wal-Mart will be located outside of the city limits and the sales tax will go into the Placer County coffers, not Auburn’s. Joyce Beland, Auburn