Walking group not welcomed

Reader Input
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Mrs. (Yvonne) Lewis’s letter, “Walkers trap the residents,” (Reader Input, Dec. 2) is factually challenged. I was on both walks that she refers to. The walking group is the Auburn Amblers and is part of the Newcomers and Neighbors Social group. We have done this walk once a year in the past. The walk lasts for one hour and to my recollection we have never had any complaints about parking except for this area. We always make sure we park in an area that allows us to safely park off the road. On the first walk we had some people park on Slade Ridge Road off of Andregg Road. Someone in a large truck drove down the road and caught up to the group to tell us that he could not drive down the road he had just driven down. We went back and parked on Andregg Road. No one else complained. On the latest walk we were parked well off the road. Several cars did drive by while we were parked. A person down the street who actually lives past the “end of county road” sign, unlike Mrs. Lewis, said we were welcome to park in front of her house. Despite that, we moved all the cars to the road that was not private and parked off the road. Again several cars drove through. Despite satisfying Mrs. Lewis’s complaint that we were on a private road she came out again and complained she could not drive down the road. In fact, Mrs. Lewis then got in her car and drove off before we moved our group to a friendlier neighborhood. Leo Meunier, Auburn