Is this Wall Street or Placer County?

Reader Input
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It truly is hard to believe what is going on in Placer County government nowadays. The ultra-expensive dinner in D.C. (Journal, July 1) with the explanation that the county was probably being helped with this effort – no mention was made of plane fares and hotel rooms in D.C. There was the court fiasco with a manager giving himself raises (Journal, June 25). Where was the oversight on him? Surely there was someone he answered to. Then we had the raises for several managers (June 25). In these times I would think that these folks should be less greedy and give back the increases. In the CEO’s office the top two employees, Tom Miller and Richard Colwell, together receive almost $500,000 in compensation. Gee, is this Wall Street, Bank of America or Placer County? Then we have the $4 million helicopter. Why didn’t the Sheriff’s Department enter into an agreement with CDF and CHP to share helicopters? The Sheriff’s Department has helicopters that could be serviceable. Mr. Rocky Rockholm spent about $10,000 on a plane ride and finally reimbursed the county after a public outcry. There are about a dozen retired managers from Placer County receiving $100,000 or more in pensions, and possibly they worked a long time for Placer County and/or other agencies but that seems excessive to me. And then we come to the North Auburn treatment plant with county supervisors pleading that there is no money to make the necessary changes in SMD No. 1. I currently pay a sewer tax of $58.55 a month and am retired from Placer County with a small pension. The county pays my health care premium but without that it would be crunch time. The sewer tax is a big expense that hurts along with a trash bill of $50.22 every three months. So when I read in the local papers about all the big spenders in Placer County government, it makes me think the inmates are running the asylum. Where are the grown-ups and when will the citizens of Placer County see responsible people in action curbing all of this wasteful spending? GLORIA STALLMAN, Auburn