War no time for political correctness

Reader Input
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A recent letter reflects the fuzzy-thinking of the left in dealing with the dangers that confront our nation. Specifically, the attack centers on my statement that when America puts its soldiers in harm’s way, we owe it to them to place the full might and fury of our nation behind them. I specifically criticized the administration’s new rules of engagement that denied artillery support to the Marines caught in a Taliban ambush in Kunar province in September. The letter calls it “lunacy” to suggest that “our soldiers should return artillery fire into civilian homes.” Just one question: when our soldiers are shot at from civilian homes, where, exactly, should they return fire? Into the air? The letter claims that the purpose of the war is to “win the hearts and minds of the people.” No, that’s the purpose of an occupation after the war is over. The purpose of a war is to destroy the opposition’s ability to wage war as quickly as possible – something that cannot be accomplished by half-measures and politically correct nonsense. The additional troops that the president has committed fall woefully short of the minimum number called for by the military’s own counter-insurgency rules and his announcement of an 18-month timetable for American withdrawal merely places the Taliban on a 19-month timetable. I fear that the net result will be continued stalemate, needless American casualties and the ultimate triumph of the Taliban. Tom McClintock, U.S. Representative