Warning signs needed for icy roads

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When I woke up on our recent snow day, I went outside onto the street with my bike and couldn’t get any traction on turns or stops. I thought to myself how hard it must be to drive a car on the roads. As I was walking to school the other day, I watched a car slip on black ice and skid 100 yards as the driver tried to get control and the car flipped over onto its top. I spent most of the night thinking about what the city could do about this. I came up with a few things. The least the city could do is put up some signs warning people that there is ice ahead or put some salt on the road (where a crash is likely to happen). My mom could never stop telling my brother to drive safely, and schools were closed because of the ice. Every year around the nation people die from accidents on black ice. I hope that the city does something about this to reduce accidents and causalities. LUKE KNOBLE, Auburn