We’re living a shell game

Reader Input
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I find the cartoon in Wednesday’s (Oct. 26) Journal totally biased and slanted. A truer picture would have shown (Congressman Tom) McClintock as either David with Goliath or the Dutch boy with his finger in the dike saving Holland. Does your cartoonist not realize the situation this country is in? We are borrowing more than 40 cents of every dollar the government is spending. Does he believe that can be sustained? Does he not see the danger or the indebtedness that puts us and our children in? Does he not see all around us the lowering standard of living that citizens are experiencing? We are living in a shell-game economy. Those of us on the right want a smaller government. Yes, that will benefit all. There is too much centralized power. (President) Obama’s policies have aggravated an existing economic downturn. His jobs programs have been designed to pay back his union supporters while polls show that 37 percent of union employees will not vote for Obama. Their dues are being used against their wishes. (Many do not realize that they can have that portion of their dues donated to the charity of their choice). His green jobs programs have been used to pay back his fat-cat supporters. A great investment for them — they give millions and he returns them with billions. The result is taxpayers holding an empty bag. It is all a sham to keep him in power. Patricia Maddox, Auburn