We’ve no one to blame but ourselves

Reader Input
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Oh, come on. Can these (Occupy Wall Street) people and the news media encouraging them get a life? Greed has been around for thousands of years. It would be really nice if this was the beginning of a movement of conscience, when people were finally beginning to think about their fellow man and behaving more civilly. But it isn’t. If you look at the demonstrators and listen to the rhetoric, hardly anyone has a sensible thing to say. NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN make it news and spur them on. Did you notice there are no demonstrations against the millionaires in Hollywood who live like kings and queens — a lavish lifestyle. There are no demonstrations about the highly paid basketball athletes refusing to play because they want a bigger share. How many people are they putting out of work with their strike? Gee, do they need another million dollars to play ball for another season? We love to worship our actors and our athletes, don’t we? There are no demonstrations against the union bosses who live off the backs of their union members, high rolling and pedaling influence in our legislature for higher wages and benefits. Never mind that these unions and their influence have contributed to our state going broke. Unions in the private sector have pushed up wages and benefits, plus pensions, so much that American corporations cannot compete with imports from China, Korea, Thailand, Mexico or India because their workers have no benefits and get paid a few dollars at most an hour. Perhaps we greedy Americans need to look in the mirror. We prefer to buy the cheaper priced goods from China to save money rather than pay more for an American-made product. Buying the latest iPod, iPad or a myriad number of other high-tech devices is so important because we have to keep up with our peers. We design and create many of these things but don’t manufacture them. There are too few American-made products to buy in our stores. We also want to have clean air, non-polluting cars, clean water and all the regulations to make that happen have driven American companies out of business or out of the country. That is why our markets have crashed. What do our Wall Street banks invest in? Foreign markets! That is also where all the jobs have gone. We pick and choose who we demonstrate against. In certain areas of our American lifestyle we overlook our own greed and desire to have more. But typically, it is far more fun to camp out and blame the suits on Wall Street for the state our country is in than to accept part of the blame for our “all about me” lifestyle. Paul M. Harman, Auburn