We are a nation of and for all

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This is a response to “We are a nation of Christians” from Angela Collier. I’d like to commend you for being the Christian; however you do not in fact have to be a pastor’s kid, a veteran or a history buff to know the “truth.” “In God We Trust” was not a misprint at the time it was coined (It was originally pressed on coins). Nobody ever said it has to be your God though; It could mean any God be it Christian or Greek. Also I’d like to ask you something. Doesn’t a woman have the right to choose what she does with her body? Do we really need to bring more unwanted, uncared for and abused children into this world? Its unfair to the kids. I support a woman’s choice to choose just like I support your choice to be a Christian. If you don’t want to get an abortion, don’t. But don’t tell other women they can’t. We are a nation built on religious freedom so I think that it is time to act like it. It’s not just about you. I’m sorry if it would offend you if I practice my constitutional rights. I haven’t seen much of the world and I don’t know much because I’m only 15 but I do know that you shouldn’t condemn people for believing what they want to. And while yes, many of the brave slaves running to the north were Christians, you have to remember that so were the white men keeping them captive. Don’t leave out the facts just because they don’t look good. It’s the past and we all should learn from it. The brave heroes that fight in our wars may not have been praying to Zeus but they can if they want to. That doesn’t make them wrong. It makes them more American. We are not just a nation of Christians. We are a nation of all religions. Ally Anne Royer, Meadow Vista