We can count on Jim Holmes

Reader Input
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After reading Jim Holmes? guest column last month, on serving the homeless in Placer County (?Take a look at the homeless around us,? Another View, April 13), I remain honored to be counted among his strong supporters. As my county supervisor, he has been a kind and committed community leader as well as a smart and strong elected official. Jim brought a huge résumé of experience to the board of supervisors, including running a successful business and serving on some important boards such as the Boys & Girls Club, the Placer Consolidated Fire Protection District, the Highway 49 Business Association and the Auburn Union Elementary School District. He?s been a dedicated, hardworking county supervisor and attends to issues countywide. He has established a strong working relationship with the other supervisors, which will allow for a smooth transition caused by the newly mapped districts. His new district constituents can count on Jim?s strong commitment to serve them. Join me in voting for Jim Holmes for supervisor. Cathy Haagen-Smit, Newcastle