We can do no worse than Obama

Reader Input
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Concerning Dee Nann’s jackass president letter (“We need a new president,” Reader Input July 10), I can only agree with her about 90 percent.
In my 50 years of voting experience I thought I mostly agreed with every wannabe president I voted for. As for the candidates that were not elected in those 50 years, I have no regrets. With hindsight being 20/20 I do regret giving my vote to many that were elected.
Obama did not get my vote 2008, but in 2012 a taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders. Most politicians pander for votes to become re-elected, Obama is doing nothing but pandering for votes by lying to every group he addresses regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or economic status.
The really bad news is in 2012 we can do no worse than Obama. The other bad news, nothing is going to change until the voter is a U.S. citizen and files an IRS tax return. You need not owe taxes, but if you file then that is a good indication that you are at least trying to provide for yourself and family. The sick and disabled are of-course exempt but not the lazy. They just can’t vote.
To effect change now, I suggest that Bill and Hillary (Clinton) endorse (Mitt) Romney for 2012, then after the election Hillary announces that she will run in 2016. If Romney is a failure like many of his predecessors, then Hillary and Slick Willie are a shoo-in for 2016. Compared to Obama, Bill Clinton was soooo much better, so how bad can that be?
Ted Sorensen, Auburn