We have precisely what we voted for

Reader Input
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When I read all of the grumbling on the AJ Web site about our elected officials, I wonder if anyone considers the fact that we have what we asked for? What has happened, with the gridlock in Sacramento and Washington, has occurred because we let it. All it took for Adolf Hitler to come into power was for good men to do nothing. The Germans let it happen! There are means to correct the present situation, but it would require initiative to make a change. First of all, there’s the possibility of referendum or recall to deal with irresponsible or incompetent officials. We tried that a few years ago, with mixed results. Secondly, we can always vote them out of office. We’ve tried that, but we keep sticking to those with party credentials. There have to be good, qualified potential candidates that would not be funded by the existing power structure. Are there people out there with resources that they would be willing to utilize to underwrite the candidacy of citizens who truly want to serve their fellow Americans? There are those of us who would love to spend their retirement years in continuing service to California and America. I have to believe that there are plenty of people with valuable experience who are just waiting to be asked. As a low-level public servant, I thought of running for office in the past, but the financial constraints are daunting. Any thoughts out there? By that, I mean constructive ideas, not the usual (gripe) sessions that are usually online. Rich De Shon, Auburn