We must obey laws of physics

Reader Input
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Most everything in the guest column made sense to me, except she neglected anything about the riders who blow through stop signs and red lights, also (“Spring is in the air and that means more bikes on the road!,” Another View, May 13).
I have seen it first-hand as I live on Electric Street and very often take East Electric Street to the intersection of Lincoln Way which has a three-way stop sign. Bicycle riders both ways on Lincoln Way totally ignore the signs and are asking for trouble and possible loss of life.
Recently I was on East Placer Street and approached the High Street intersection and I had the green light, and looked to my left and a bicycle rider blew through his red light.
If I had been two or three seconds earlier I would have nailed him, or he would have got my car and flew over the hood or top, and that would have been bye-bye baby for him.
In the guest columnist article she stated, and I quote “Bicycles are as much a vehicle on the road as any petrol-driven chariot. We are just a lot smaller and with far less protective armor and air bags surrounding us.”
I have a suggestion for you. If these people want lots of exercise, tell them to stop at all signs and then start pedaling again and this will help them. I do not care if it is uphill or downhill. Just stop and it could save their lives. And, by the way, all bicycle are to obey the rules of the road as well as “petrol-driven chariots.”
I drive a petrol-driven chariot and have a pair of shoes to walk in and do not plan to get killed in either one of them. Good luck to all of you people who do not follow the “Rules Of The Road.”
Kenneth Newman, Auburn