We need a new president

Reader Input
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The jackass has put our nation into a socialist dictatorship and you want him for another four years. God help us. Paulette Walter told me to show respect for our president and First Lady (“Let’s all show a little respect,” Reader Input, June 28). All I can say is “baloney,” they don’t deserve it.
I would also like to see Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein out. They have done nothing to help our country or the state of California.
We Americans have a lot to do to bring our country back to us. First, protect our country from illegal aliens, protect America from Muslim law and protect our Christian heritage. Most of all protect all our veterans who need medical care! Also we should help our V.A. hospitals. It’s about time we do for our country and stop giving money to all the other nations.
Can someone explain to me when my mother and father-in-law came to America from Germany through Ellis Island they became citizens of the U.S.A., worked hard, spoke English and raised a wonderful family. Don’t people come through Ellis Island anymore? Also, in our schools they should say “Pledge of Allegiance” in English only, not in Spanish.
Oh, by the way the so-called First Lady said she was not happy with America until her husband became president. You want me to respect her? “Baloney.”
The jackass teaches our Constitution and insults our friends. I have never seen him with his hand over his heart saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Have you?
We need a new president who we can respect and by the way it makes no difference what religion our presidents are. We all believe in God.
Last, Don Greer, thank you (“Some people are just jealous,” Reader Input, June 24). I do know what chickens landed up in the chicken pot pies.
God bless us all and God bless America.
DEE NANN, Christian Valley