We should learn from Arizona

Reader Input
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When is California going to learn from Arizona? Now, being in Arizona illegally is a crime, not just a fine. Police are required to check on legal status when they think illegal aliens may be present. The bill is a huge win for Arizona — and also for you and me. It’s time to seize the momentum and get similar laws passed here in California. For years, Arizona waited for the federal government to do something about the 460,000-plus illegal aliens who’ve overrun their state, consuming much of its money. Although Congress has worked off and on to improve border security, it has done very little to actually remove illegal aliens who slip past the border. This is outrageous, because it would take so little to encourage illegal aliens to return home. For example, Congress has refused to vote on Rep. Heath Shuler’s SAVE Act, which would make job verification mandatory for all employers. Congressional neglect has been bad for Arizona: prisons bursting with illegal aliens, illegal aliens receiving social welfare benefits and emergency rooms crammed with uninsured illegal aliens. It’s a formula for social meltdown. And it is happening here in California. Can we learn something from this? Bill Hipp, Auburn