We transcend endurance

Reader Input
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In reference to the Auburn Streetscape improvements, I have to agree with Bart Ruud (Reader Input, Aug. 11). Central Square should remain as the name of this central part of Auburn, and the focus should be a little broader than just endurance. There are many historical facts and fascinating information about Auburn — endurance is just a small part of what Auburn is about. As for the seeming emphasis of the endurance run by the Endurance Committee over the Tevis Cup, it appears that many of those who are runners forget that if the Tevis Cup had not been in place for many years before, the endurance run would not exist. Where is the promised mural of the Tevis to match the mural of runners on the tanks by the rail station? Endurance runners are a welcome addition to the Auburn area, as well as the long-established equestrians, but Auburn has so many more colors. Let Central Square be a reflection of all those colors. Leslie Heimbichner, Auburn