Weaver left great legacy

Reader Input
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June 15, the ninth anniversary of the passing of Harold M. Weaver, a long time to be missing that caring, compassionate, capable and community-oriented gentleman. Twenty-five years of service as a volunteer with the American Cancer Society, 21 years of service on the Placer County Board of Education, 56 years of community service with the Auburn Rotary Club, were exemplary volunteer achievements contributing to our community. A teacher and administrator at Placer High School, an administrator with Placer Junior College and then Sierra Community College, he and his efforts made a lasting impact on the educational culture of Placer County. His leadership and farsightedness are largely responsible for the present-day Sierra College that he served as its chief executive officer for 33 years. Harold was one of those very rare people, truly interested in others, a naturally curious human being, a problem-solver. An advocate for the Japanese-Americans, his encouragement after their World War II internment helped them return to school and become the significant contributors to our Placer County community that they are. Who, of those who knew Harold, will forget that belly laugh over a joke he enjoyed or the appetite he would exhibit for good and not-so-good food? He was a remarkable and deserving human being not to be forgotten too soon. Wayne Boulding, Auburn