Web comments harbor vitriol

Reader Input
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While I am an infrequent reader of the “Letters to the Editor/Reader Input” and the online comments about them, I have noticed every time I have read through these comments that they quickly degenerate into personal attacks, name calling and insults, especially between a few regular posters. Examples of this can be seen in this week’s letters about immigration and the gun death of the deputy sheriff’s daughter. The subject doesn’t seem to matter as apparently any excuse to fight will do. Last Veterans Day when there was a dispute about the Veterans For Peace marching in the Veterans Day parade I wrote in a well-researched post about the history of Veterans Day, but they were wasted words as the comments before and after mine were filled with the vitriolic infighting between the “Letter to the Editor” regulars. While reading the “Letters to the Editor” offers some insight into the opinions of our fellow community members, reading the online comments is a complete waste of time. If what you want is to hear people fight, just watch any number of reality TV shows instead. At least then you’ll get to see the characters also, and the cast of characters will change. Elizabeth Johnson, Auburn