Weigh in on square theme

Reader Input
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The open meeting Aug. 24, 2009 produced a couple of items that are important to our community. The most important was the resolution to study the “endurance theme” to try and broaden the scope to cover the real Auburn without just a narrow, myopic view that has been pushed by the endurance committee. If you are a resident of the city of Auburn, you are footing the bill for the project — Streetscape. “The Endurance Capital Committee meets as needed at 9 a.m. in the City Manager’s office, Room 9, at Auburn City Hall, 1225 Lincoln Way.” If you check the city’s Web site you will find there are no sessions or minutes recorded, yet they have been able to guide the main focus of Central Square leaving out any of the true historical and redeeming value that makes Auburn the “gem” of the foothills. There is less than two weeks left for comments. Contact your council members. Mike Monahan, Auburn