What’s LaMalfa got to do with project?

Reader Input
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Don’t Republicans rail against state interference in local matters, and complain loudly that land use is solely under local control? So why did Senator (Doug) LaMalfa meddle in a recent Loomis development approval? Not only did he demand a meeting at the capitol with Loomis town leaders about the priory project, but sent taxpayer-paid staffers to meetings several times. At the hearing, he sent two staffers to not only express support for the project, but also to complain about ordinances, policies and fees. None of this is any of his business. He doesn’t even live in our area. So why and how did he get involved and spend so much effort? Perhaps people associated with the development made a large campaign donation. No matter who involved him, it was inappropriate political grandstanding to benefit his Congressional campaign. Many members of our community support the priory, as did the planning commission by a vote of 4-0. Yet I imagine those commissioners found LaMalfa’s interference highly offensive. They work hard enough to ensure development is done appropriately without outsiders wasting their time and insulting their intelligence. Katie Cather, Loomis