What depravity do we prohibit?

Reader Input
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In reference to Beryl Mayne (Reader Input, March 1), if we are going to legalize same-sex marriage because it is a civil rights issue, then we also need to legalize bestiality and polygamy for those groups. Where does morality fit in? Obviously our Constitution was written by individuals with moral background and a Godly fear. Most people agree the Bible is the word of God, but when it comes to following it, if it goes against what we want, then we shove it aside and make our own laws. Same-sex partners raising children instill in them that it is natural and OK to live that lifestyle without considering morality in any way, shape or form. Same-sex marriage is just another way of saying it feels good to me and this is what I want so I want it legalized. How far do we go into depravity before we come to the realization that we are destroying the very fiber of our civilization? The more corrupt we become the more this great country falls from greatness, which by the way is only through the blessing of our creator. I recommend familiarizing oneself with the Constitution and its original writers, and you will find that these people believed strongly in morality and God. Donald Adams, Auburn