Word on the street

What do you think of the first two weeks of Kings games being cancelled because of the NBA lockout?

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Ernie Tenderich, Auburn Occupation: Insurance Salesmen “I think it’s B.S.; I think the NBA players act like prima donnas. I don’t think their lifestyle is restricted enough. I think it’s an overall feeling by Anglo-Americans that they don’t set a good image for our kids. Now these guys are wanting more money, so I think they owe it to the fans (to play).” Dennis Dean, Grass Valley Occupation: Carpenter “I’m not a big NBA fan. I like probably the Kings a little bit. I’m not really sure what all the negotiations are about. I hate to see it when highly paid athletes get in the way of the game.” Jennifer Russell, Auburn Occupation: Stay at home mom “I didn’t even know it was cancelled. I’m so busy with other things. My husband and kids watch football. I used to watch the Kings back when they were good. I prefer to watch my kids play sports.” Matthew Hall, Auburn Occupation: Sales Associate “I will say I don’t like it. I think a lot these players are overpaid as it is. I think they should meet with the managers and find a way to make a deal. They are not playing for themselves, they are playing for everyone. We are trying to keep the Kings as it is, so we have to raise money to get a new arena. They have to start playing for that to even initiate.”