What if you were aborted?

Reader Input
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I note with those who wrote against abortion in the last few days. I agree with the two RNs who spoke for the child in the womb. I assure you, nothing is hidden from them. They see ultrasounds and other evidence that it is indeed a real, living child. It even has its own DNA, the very building blocks of life, which identifies everyone as a separate individual like no one else – not even its mother! I have two simple questions for pro-choicers. What if your mother had chosen to abort you, and trashed, just because she didn’t want you, or because she was forced to by some “boyfriend” who didn’t want responsibility? You would have no life as you have now. Would that have been right for you? To date, I have never got an answer. So many avoid it. I, for one, am terrifically glad my mother gave me life and I love it, even though I was born hearing-impaired. Life is the most precious possession of all. Terminating it is so permanently tragic. It greatly saddens me that abortion is only destructive. Still, I am not accusing anyone and never will. Many do suffer so much. But actually, there’s a lot of help and support available for anyone in a pregnancy crisis, and no one will ever judge you, they will only help you. They’re truly amazing and so protective. They’re there waiting — just for you. GUY WINGFIELD, Applegate