What kind of a choice was this?

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After sitting through seven hours of presentations, comments and discussions during last week’s Board of Supervisors review of the wastewater issue, I, like many in attendance were very frustrated that a choice of plans was not made. At the end of the day the efficiencies of combining resources toward a regional approach still appeared to be the wise direction. A bold and forward-thinking decision was needed, but it was not to be. A county-led upgrading and maintaining of the North Auburn plant or a public/private partnership to do the same has significant risks. Meeting the ever-increasing water quality standards for a facility in a sensitive watershed location will be challenging and expensive. I still believe that there is compelling evidence that regional processing is in the best long-term interest of the ratepayers. During the discussion, Supervisor (Jennifer) Montgomery said that she was concerned about the employees at the North Auburn facility losing their jobs. Putting a greater priority on these few employees rather than the ratepayers is drastically flawed thinking. We can and should do better in our representation as we consider next year’s election. Wayne Nader, Auburn