What thanks did voters get?

Reader Input
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To those who voted against Prop. 24 to repeal $1.5 billion in corporation tax breaks, I would like to ask “why?” Of course the idea was to create a friendlier environment for business in California. At least that’s what those against Prop. 24 told us. The Swiss-owned firm of Genentech was the largest donor to the campaign against the proposition and stands to profit greatly from these corporate tax breaks. The Philadelphia-based cable company Comcast made a big tax break deal with the governor and the Legislature. But after the election, how do they thank us? Comcast plans to lay off 212 Californians and Genentech is laying off 840 employees in the Bay Area! So far the trickle-down theory of economics doesn’t seem to be working. Would people still have voted to keep these tax breaks if they knew what we know now? And now the rich want their Bush-era tax cuts extended so that, supposedly, they can afford to give jobs to unemployed! Do you believe them? Paulette Walter, Colfax