When did USA get a king?

Reader Input
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While reading a biography of Oliver Cromwell this past weekend, I was struck by one of the conflicts during the reign of Charles I. Some claimed the king had the right to make laws alone without parliament. Others saw his actions as a blatant denigation of the role of parliament. Have we come to this point again? When did we get a king with divine right to choose which laws to obey and which laws to gut? Who is ?he? to decide whether or not Congress is doing its job? (He himself has been spending more time campaigning and playing golf than staying in Washington and working on our problems.) These issues were settled long ago when our founders set up a system of checks and balances. This system only works when we play by the rules. He said last October that he didn?t have the authority to make these changes in immigration law on his own. As citizens we must awake from our complacency. His actions are a threat and a challenge to our constitutional form of government. To all those who hope to benefit from his political expediency, I say ?be careful.? You could be voting for the very kind of government your parents were fleeing when they came here. Patricia Maddox, Auburn