When will our leaders listen?

Reader Input
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Each time I try to voice my concern to the people who we elect that work for us, it seems to fall on deaf ears. They can’t reply but seem to be able to hang on to my address, phone or e-mail each time they need to ask for money so we can re-elect them back into office — so they can continue to ignore us — the people they work for. Since they won’t listen I thought I would share with you: Dear Senator, If President George Bush would have ordered military action against Libya, would the Senate have its panties in a bunch? And does the vote in the House and Senate in 2001 after the Twin Towers came crashing down — that gave any sitting president the authority to send our military anywhere in the world to fight terrorism — cover your butt — so you can worry about more important things here at home like trying to keep yourself in office? Clearly it’s not to fight terrorism — seeing how the White House keeps saying that it’s humanitarian. Is this really about the oil that Europe so desperately needs? I almost have to believe that it is, seeing how this is the first time NATO was eager to support military action when they barely showed the backbone to help us with the rest of our military involvement. Or is this giving the U.N. credibility to give any resolution teeth so the U.N. won’t continue to look weak — as President Bush did with his invasion of Iraq backing U.N. resolution 1441. Will you and President Barack Obama take responsibility if in the end the Libya mission fails? Stephen Lentz, Auburn