Where is letter writer’s heart?

Reader Input
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In response to Floyd Rutherford, “Hold deputy accountable,” (Reader Input, May 19): Where is your heart? The death of that young child was an accident. What sets the sheriff apart from the rest of those in jail you cited was not that he is a sheriff, and he is allotted different rules by your calculation, but the fact he has lost his child because of an accident. The Asian couple did not by accident walk into the casino and abandon their child. Mr. Rutherford, how many children are accidentally killed in their own driveway because they dart in front of vehicles that are backing up? Parent’s fault? Yes. Accident? Yes. Are all those parents in jail? No. Why are they not in jail? Maybe because the judge has the moral aptitude to realize that the rest of their lives will be an internal hell of punishment enough. I have a 3-year-old. I could not even imagine my involvement in an accident that resulted in the death of my daughter. It would take all of Christ in me not to join the rest that have jumped over the Foresthill Bridge. Jail? What difference would jail do for the situation when there was no criminal motive or intent? Maybe that is how the wise look at it. You want accountability? There is, all over the front page news. You want a public outcry — why? To appease your belief? If that child still had a voice what would their cry be? “Mercy, mercy for my dad.” Good day. Angela Collier, Auburn