Where is logic in fire fee map lines?

Reader Input
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Re: “$150 fire fee bills targeted for some, not all, Auburn-area residents,” (Journal, Aug. 14):
While I have known for some time this was coming, the Journal’s Tuesday, Aug. 14 publication showed the actual map of who is included and who is not.
Having a very close experience with the 49 Fire, I would have assumed the line would have been down Bell Road given the fire started just across from Auburn Faith Hospital. But no, the area where the most acreage burned is somehow excluded from the new tax.
What is the logic used in drawing the line? I believe this pending tax is the main reason why Proposition D was defeated. And although the Journal says the money will be used for thinning brush and clearing around homes, I really doubt anyone will be coming to help clear my property.
This is one more example where those who take care of their property will pay for those who do not.
Seems like it should be the other way around …
Randy Bender, North Auburn