Where was tea party back in the day?

Reader Input
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It’s obvious that Congress is not going to step up to the plate and fix the national debt. For those of us sitting on the sidelines, it boils down to “choose your own poison”: 1) the tea party position — sort of like that song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” They insist nothing bad will happen if we just do — well … nothing; or 2) the position of the vast majority of economists, who predict economic Armageddon. I’m certainly not a fan of tax increases, so am starting to think we should just let the tea partiers have their way and see what happens. Best case scenario is they’re right — the sky won’t fall and they’ll be heroes in the next election cycle. Worst case scenario: If you think things are bad now — hang onto what little nest egg you have left. But at least we’d only have to wait until the next election cycle to fix that. One has to wonder about the tea party’s grasp of history. Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt. George W. Bush doubled the national debt. Republicans voted seven times to raise the debt ceiling for President Bush. Where were their loud voices back then? Richard A. Del Balso, Auburn