Whitman turned his stomach

Reader Input
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I don’t usually feel compelled to write my opinions to the editor of a newspaper but after watching the Brown/Whitman debate at UC Davis I do feel the compulsion. Meg Whitman literally turned my stomach! During the debate at UC Davis, almost every time Meg opened her mouth she started by attacking Jerry Brown’s political past. This was before she even addressed the question asked. After smearing Brown, then she would answer the question posed. This happened over and over again. Brown would answer his questions to-the-point and Meg would make faces at his answers like a comedian or spoiled little child. Jerry took the higher road by not attacking her first, instead concentrating on the issues at hand, and he had the personal control not to let his feelings display themselves on his face for the entertainment of the viewing audience. I feel Jerry really kept his cool. He mentioned an illegal alien in her past employ, not good for some other unemployed citizen of this country, and, hoooweee, now Brown is a bad guy. Not in my book. Meg is just another very rich individual looking to give the “rich” more breaks by taking more from the poor. Same old the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Gary Beldner, North Auburn