Who elected so-called gov?

Reader Input
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Well, Moonbeam Brown is at it again. To get elected, the governor said he would not raise taxes. He just signed a bill to charge every homeowner $150 a year for a fire tax. So much for promises. We pay property taxes that stipulate fire and police protection are included in these taxes. He won’t stop at this. Next he will want two payments a year. Every six months you will pay $150 for the fire tax. Then next he will want more taxes for police protection. Then more taxes to pay for snow removal on our roads because of a bad snowfall winter. It will keep going, on and on and on. He can’t help it because he is a liberal. He loves to tax and spend other people’s money. He would tax his own mother if he could get more money. One more thing: winter is coming and it’s a prime time for our liberal legislatures and our moonbeam governor to ask for more tax money to fix the levees, rivers and waterways from flooding. Why doesn’t this so-called governor use the money for the bullet train and the big water canal to Southern California for these necessary expenditures? Whoever voted for this so-called governor is getting what they asked for. DON GREER, Colfax