Who has the working poor's back?

Reader Input
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I am a 58-year-old part-time teacher and performing musician. I work as a music instructor in three school districts, one community college and two charters. I receive no benefits for any of my work. I am classified as an ?independent contractor.? I drive constantly and have few days off. In the summer, I perform as much as I can, as I receive no checks from the school districts. Some have expressed admiration for my performances, and for that I am grateful. When a political party or special interest group asks me for money, I have little to give. When others sternly point their fingers and tell me I should vote, I do, because I know that?s imperative for the survival of democracy. But I am not deceived. There are no politicians who truly represent me or any of the other struggling, working poor that are everywhere in our society. Our health, our living conditions, our future, does not register in their minds. One always hears about the struggling middle class. Frankly, I?d love to be with them. I earned a master?s degree in order to teach and maybe prosper a little. I know now that will not happen for me, especially in California (I have learned that my college has reduced my teaching workload this fall by 60 percent). Nor will it happen for millions of other poor people. When you hear about the low percentage of potential voters participating in elections, just remember that many do not vote not because they?re lazy, but rather because they know that they have no real future here in the land of the free. Politicians love to say they have the middle class?s back, but they never say this about the poor. Stephen Holland, Nevada City