Why bash companies that make jobs?

Reader Input
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There is at the present time lots of discussion on the state of the states, mostly in regard to the unions and the collective bargaining clause. The unions were necessary in the 1930s. All who have studied history know what took place before organizing the workforce into unions. However, I feel that for years they have created much of the job loss. There is a strike for higher pay — the company must comply and soon that company is taking its jobs overseas. The states are broke — out of money! Doesn’t anyone understand this fact? No one wants to have their benefits cut and that is understandable but who is going to pay the bill? It seems so many people blame corporations and large companies for this predicament. Folks remember: They furnish jobs. Recently, an older lady whose husband had retired from one of these culprits was giving me this “blame the corporations bit.” I asked her what she would do if that corporation didn’t exist. You see, she gets a check each and every month plus a nice healthcare benefit. Her reply to me was, “I never thought of that.” Now let’s return to the unions. Do they have a retirement plan for their members? I said “members.” The officials undoubtedly get a nice paycheck and big retirement. Give some honest thought to what is wanted and just who is expected to pay the bills! MARY ANN FRANK, Auburn