Why beat drum for Obama?

Reader Input
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Here we go again — another gushing letter in support of (President) Obama by Bob and Ginny Mock (“Obama earned second term,” Reader Input, Jan. 29). I can’t help but notice that every letter they submit is just a rehash of previous letters: “Obama is a great man!” “We will vote for Obama!” etc. Notice that everything is followed by exclamation points, as though we don’t understand their fevered support of that failure as president! (Yes, that exclamation point is for you, Bob and Ginny Mock!) Please try to explain to us who are not falling over for Obama just what it is about his policies that you support? Is it the failed $787 billion stimulus that failed to create all those “shovel-ready jobs?” Could it be the massive taxes and fees imposed upon all of us through Obamacare? Or, how about the resounding success of the $500 million failure also known as Solyndra? Let’s not forget the GM debacle called the Chevy Volt. And, we still have to deal with our soon-to-be-shrunken military that will leave us extremely vulnerable to the constant threats we face. One more thing, do you approve of our country being close to $16 trillion in debt? How long do you think your retirement will last if this failure gets four more years? Didn’t either of you ever take an economics course in college? I think not! Donna McCloskey, Auburn