Why hike near Iraq/Iran?

Reader Input
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Is the hiking of the three Berkeley grads aggressive conceit or is the UC at Berkeley graduating mindless, ill-equipped mush-heads into our midst (Journal, Sept. 26)? Did it ever cross their one brain cell that hiking in a country that is in the midst of revolution could be hazardous to our health? Or, that Iran is a hostile enemy of the United States? Maybe UC Berkeley fosters such arrogance. I just hope that we don’t find out later that Oman was reimbursed through the back door by the U.S.A. taxpayers. I can imagine that this dynamic threesome is now mapping out their boat trip off the coast of Somalia, or hike the North Korea/China border. Or for kicks, how about the Libya/Arab Republic of Egypt border while it’s still hot? It is very clear that these toddlers need supervision because it’s obvious that they don’t get it from parents (and I use the word “parents” just to be nice). Does the term “ugly American” apply here? James Mckesson, Auburn