Why run that photo?

Reader Input
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I heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The Auburn Journal’s Dec. 30/31 picture, “Easy target for thieves,” to me, can fill volumes. I can’t help but think that that picture could have been done with three smaller ones. Picture one, showing where to cut. Picture two is a sales clerk in front of empty shelves, saying, “They are flying off the shelves.” Picture three of a family showing an empty wallet with tears in their eyes. Fledgling criminals should ask, question one: “Do I cut at those two exact points as indicated in the photo? I’m thinking maybe to cut closer to the converter, for when in the parking lot I can hide it under my coat.” “Officer, this odd bulge under my coat is not a converter. It is the extra weight I put on over the holidays.” On the bright side, all of us know what a converter looks like and the muffler won’t be taken instead. Question two. Are Toyota Tacoma’s the best choice for starting out? Would it be because they sit higher off the ground so I will not get stuck after I put it under my coat? Question three. Know where I can get a good cheap “battery-powered saw?” P.S. When someone calls with a lot of converters to sell, please don’t ever say. “Yes, bring them all in” and maybe take a picture or get a car license number. Happy new year. MANUEL MUNOZ, Auburn