Why so quiet, Limbaugh?

Reader Input
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Where was Rush Limbaugh when the Republicans so desperately need him? It is quite obvious that Republicans keep silent until they get their daily “fix” from motor-mouth Rush. But where was that wise oracle last week when he could have spewed out enough venomous vitriol that would have astonished Herr Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister? I’m talking about the terrible attack at Fort Hood. During last year’s presidential campaign, all Republicans were parroting the great Rush’s words that Americans were safer under beady-eyed George W. Bush’s “watch” because a second terrorist attack on the U.S. never occurred. I was expecting Propaganda Minister Limbaugh to shout with glee, “See! Now the second terrorist attack has happened. Ha! Ha! Ha!” The shooter was a Muslim. The dead and wounded were all Americans. Dopehead Rush certainly could have come up with the idea that Americans are less safe under his hated enemy, President Obama. Make sense? Is it possible that R.L. is keeping his mouth shut because the Fort Hood shooter is another fanatic, card-carrying Republican? STEVEN T. CARLSOEN, Auburn