Why tolerate overspending?

Reader Input
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Am I the only one concerned about the irresponsible spending and debt accumulating both in Washington and Sacramento? And why do we keep electing politicians that are responsible for that? Case in point, Rick Keene is running for State Senate. While in the Assembly, Keene supported, promoted and enthusiastically voted for the 2007 California State Budget (SB 77) and the 2008 budget (AB 1781), both of which left California (and taxpayers) with a $60 billion budget hole. To put that in perspective, the State General Fund is roughly $100 billion. The Keene budget spent 30 percent more than it took in for two years in a row. What if we ran our households or businesses as Keene manages the state finances? This is not a small mistake; this is gross incompetence. Then-Sen. Tom McClintock warned us about the irresponsible Keene budget and he voted against it as did locals Doug LaMalfa, Ted Gaines, Sam Aanestad and Dave Cox. California is teetering on bankruptcy. Are we satisfied with the unsustainable spending and debt that Rick Keene and his politician buddies are giving us? If not, why vote for them on June 8? Ken Campbell, Lincoln