Why Wal-Mart again?

Reader Input
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Much confusion exists concerning our status as a nation, state, city and county. We find ourselves being asked to cut almost all areas. Our so-called leaders really got us screwed up this time as they try the old cover-up game of raising any and all forms of taxation. We recently see cigarette tax proposals as a ploy under the umbrella of a health issue. It is a health issue but everyone should see that the politicians at all levels are trying to generate money to cover up poor management and bungling that they have done so often. They even go further by trying to push the failed mid-?90s Wal-Mart in Auburn. Do they not remember that it was labeled as unsuitable almost two decades ago? Or do they think that the folks here have totally forgotten? The bottom line is they want the revenue to help cover up their screw-ups. The supes, especially, are like a bunch of little kids in a candy store. They even spend it before they are sure that they have it. This, in my opinion, is why they fail to keep us informed on the big box issue. And, yes, I have proposed on more than one occasion that they become transparent and disclose where they stand on the big issue, but to no avail. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn