Will our great legacy be escapism?

Reader Input
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Live life over 50 years and one starts to read obituaries. Read enough of them and one soon comes to realize that generations leave legacies. Recent obituaries reflect a generation that left behind a very good legacy. They watched societies rise up with an intent to rule the world, societies whose life values included suicide bombers and extermination camps. This generation grabbed a gun and marched away to meet danger head-on. This generation bought war bonds, accepted rationing, built ships and submarines and issued daily Petitions to the Almighty, begging for their loved ones’ safe return. Some did not return. Fast forward 30 years from today. We’ll remember when unemployment was in double digits, when some of our friends lost their homes and jobs and when our broke governments could not provide basic protective service. We are certainly not in the same place as our World War II survivors, but it’s fair to say we will remember these days as challenging times. So do we really want to remember, 30 years from now, that we created the legacy where we voted to make it easier to cloud minds with cannabis escapism? Do we really want to use the excuse of “tax on pot” to sell our souls out for future generations? Do we really want to vote an easier “high” for folks, some of whom will surely fall in love with the high and seek suicidal “higher plateaus,” when our world challenges require answers? Answers or escapism? The legacy is ours to make. Craig Wheaton, Colfax